Arkamys Automotive Audio

Audio Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Unparalleled Sound for Cars

ARKAMYS experts have developed a modular, scalable and embedded software solution to improve in-vehicle audio quality and enhance user experience for all types of head unit systems from entry-level to luxury using the existing built-in speakers.

SoundStage Core

At the heart of every ARKAMYS SoundStage product is SoundStage Core. It provides acoustic equalization as well as an audio processing that lets listeners experience a lifted and enlarged audio field. As a standalone solution, SoundStage Core is perfectly designed to make entry-level cars sound systems stand out.

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SoundStage Classic

SoundStage Classic offers all the benefits of SoundStage Core plus a more immersive listening experience and enhanced bass performance without requiring any additional hardware. Passengers in the vehicle’s front and rear seats feel like they are in the sweet spot of the car’s audio listening area.This cutting-edge audio software is designed specifically for entry to mid-range sound systems.

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SoundStage Advanced

This state-of-the-art software adds discrete center, subwoofer channels and 3D spatialization to the stereo sound generated by mid-range to high-end car audio systems up to 6 amplified channels. SoundStage Advanced also adds user customization settings like the ARKAMYS Ambiences feature which allows users to select different listening environments that match their music tastes.

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SoundStage High

Get truly premium sound with the most elite of the SoundStage solutions. In addition to every benefit of all the other SoundStage options, this solution includes better multi-channel management features, and more ambience options for a truly elegant auditory environment. This solution is perfect for high-end in-vehicle audio systems up to 12 amplified channels.

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3D Sound Alerts

ARKAMYS 3D Sound Alerts use modular, exceptionally flexible software that features Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) in order to improve in-vehicle warning sounds and lower the cognitive load on the driver. Designed to maximize safety and comfort on the road, 3D Sound Alerts create warnings that change according to the distance and motion of potential hazards around the car and help the driver intuitively sense where the potential dangers are located.

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