Arkamys Audio Solutions

  • SoundStage Core

    Car Audio Software that Makes Entry Level Sound Systems Shine

    Every SoundStage solution enhances in-vehicle infotainment by raising the sound stage to windshield height and creating a surround sound effect for everyone in the vehicle. SoundStage Core has been used by automotive leaders to achieve expansive and clear audio for their infotainment systems even with entry-level dashboard radios, basic audio systems, entry-level DSP and ARM platforms.

    With its advanced audio processing, SoundStage Core lets drivers and passengers experience music as if it is being played from a concert stage on their front dash. SoundStage Core also provides clearer highs and deeper lows without the added cost of additional speakers or subwoofers.

    Through a combination of acoustic compensation algorithms, advanced audio rendering, spatialization processes, and specific in-vehicle tunings performed by the ARKAMYS “Golden Ears” audio specialist, SoundStage Core makes even entry-level automotive sound systems stand out from the crowd.

    • SoundStage Core Features

      SoundStage Core Features

      Enhanced Sound Stage: takes the sound field from foot level and brings it to head height for an enlarged listening environment

    • Tools & Services

      Tools & Services

      The car audio professionals behind SoundStage Core also provide the following tools and services:

      Tuning: ARKAMYS’ highest level of audio experts, the “Golden Ears”, optimize frequency responses to create unmatched listening comfort for every car.

      Sound Adjustment Toolset: This PC-based kit sends coefficients to the target DSP in real time and lets engineers and sound experts from ARKAMYS regulate and fine-tune any vehicle sound systems.

      Golden Ears Training: This specialized training helps participants with professional experience acquire critical listening skills that will be useful in carrying out internal benchmarking of audio products and aid in B2B marketing efforts.

      Electro acoustic expertise: ARKAMYS engineers bring their full stack skills to the whole audio chain as they support OEMs and Tier1 suppliers in delivering unparalleled audio quality to their vehicles through audio signatures, advanced audio architectures, or improved speaker positioning.

    • Benefits


      • 100% software solution
      • No hardware modifications required
      • Cost-effective
      • Optimized footprint and MIPS consumption
      • Enhanced entry-level audio systems
      • Expertly defined sound signature through coordination with car OEMs