Arkamys Mobile Devices Audio


The world’s first audio enhancement solution specially for micro-speakers. OptimSpeaker 2, the second-generation crystal of the very best ARKAMYS audio experts unlocks new dimensions of sound in the mobile world.


OptimSpeaker 2


This reinvented audio enhancement solution includes an innovative upgraded full package of efficient tuning parameters, 5-MDRC tools and processes to compensate the limitations of audio on smartphones.

By lifting the sound rendering over headphones while improving the spaciousness, clarity and respecting the sound’s original timbre, ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker 2 delivers an unmatchable optimized listening experience with tighter bass, zero distortion, natural timbre, and rich clarity to provide an all-in-one solution.

OptimSpeaker 2 Lite

This super sound boosting embedded software provides the upgraded sound that comes with every product in the OptimSpeaker 2 line and is specially tailored to be cost-effective for entry to mid-level devices.

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OptimSpeaker 2 Classic

Building off the unique sound quality and clarity of the Lite version, OptimSpeaker 2 Classic adds a power bass audio algorithm that makes music and movies more enjoyable with tighter bass for mid to high-end devices.

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OptimSpeaker 2 Premium

With more bass, more clarity, and a more pleasurable overall sound experience from music to multimedia, OptimSpeaker 2 Premium is the most elite solution in the OptimSpeaker 2 line. It offers first-class stereo audio that provides immersive environments for music, movies, and multimedia content.

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Thanks to intensive research, this cutting-edge software for smart headphones and hearables brings a new level of sound personalization and listening comfort to your ears, while also offering automatic noise-level monitoring based on AI technology.

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