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  • ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker Embedded in BeStar Speakers

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    ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker Embedded in BeStar Speakers

    ARKAMYS is proud to announce a new collaboration with BeStar Electronics, a global technology enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of electro-acoustic products such as loudspeakers, piezo buzzers and magnetic buzzers.

    The new BeStar Dynamic Speaker Box and Piezo Receiver are now bundled with the ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker solution, offering a natural, warm and loud sound with a high level of clarity for both speech and music, strengthening higher quality audio experiences to customers.

    Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are commonly used as main audio companion devices by most of the users. As the quality requirements of these end-users have become increasingly important, BeStar decided to combine its high performance speakers with the expert audio algorithms, solutions, and services of ARKAMYS for smartphones. This customized hardware and software design association assures that mobile device manufacturers will get a unique sound performance, an optimized time to market, and a reduced bill of material.

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