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  • ARKAMYS & ThunderSoft at MWC Shanghai 2017

    ARKAMYS & ThunderSoft at MCW in Shanghai showcase Turbo platform with ARKAMYS VR-Play

    ARKAMYS & ThunderSoft at MWC Shanghai 2017

    VR experience is not only about immersive visual, but also about 360 audio solution coming together to bring to you audio-visual immersive experience. This time ThunderSoft brought to you a brand new 360 audio solution with world famous digital audio technology company ARKAMYS on the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai.

    This solution can generate an audio area by sound source localization technology, adapting the sound to user’s head movements, in result of providing you an immersive real-time audio experience while watching VR videos: All this is possible thanks to ARKAMYS VR-Play.

    In the future, OEM, ODM and VR start-ups could use ThunderSoft Turbo platform to have VR products, supporting 360 audio, head tracking scenario,  and real-time audio rendering.

    Compared to the VR glasses on the market, Turbo will have strong competence and much better audio experience. 

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