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  • Smart AVAS Sound Generator for Electric cars announced at CES 2017


    Smart AVAS Sound Generator for Electric cars announced at CES 2017

    Join ARKAMYS and MHE* at CES 2017, Jan 5 to 8 – Tech East – South – Central Plaza #CP30

    Visit our TESLA X where ARKAMYS will integrate the AVAS the synthetic engine sound generator for electric and hybrid electric vehicle.

    You will test and listen to this all in one system compliant and adaptable to the new market regulations on sounds emissions for Electric Vehicles.

    This unique dynamic audio solution provides:

    • Safety for pedestrians and non-motorized road users
    • Dynamically emulating engine sounds based on speed, engine load and gear -forward/reverse
    • Customized sound signature for Hybrid and Elecrical Vehicles


    MHE and ARKAMYS will present the roadmap of AVAS generation 2 redifining Alerting Systems for Elecrical Vehicles: a unique combination of AVAS and Artificial Intelligence integrating smart features and neuromorphic technology to increase the pedestrians safety while reducing the noise pollution.

    Just imagine electrical vehicles with senses:

    • Voice: External warning sound alerts for outside security and internal spatializedswarning sound alerts for enhanced driver perception -3D-ADAS
    • Ears: Neuromorphic technology for adapting warnings to ambient sound level
    • Eyes: Laser camera detection for in-car & external spatialized warning system
    • Brain: Central arbitration control unit



    Join ARKAMYS at the CES to experience the AVAS SOUND GENERATOR

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