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  • Customer Testimonial – CAPSA


    Customer Testimonial – CAPSA

    “The settlement of ARKAMYS in China is an excellent operation because that will allow a promising development in this big developing market. The innovative spirit of ARKAMYS will find the resources in this country and ARKAMYS will satisfy better the Chinese customers with the advanced and more locally adapted technology.

    We choose to work with the Sound Staging for the moment, maybe later other service like speech or others …

    The reasons of our choice are:

    • Lightweight solution ( no hardware based and low energy consumption) to create different sound stages
    • Good user experience ( users can choose different sound stage according their preference and also customize with this software)
    • Image benefit( The premium HIFI system in vehicle can work together with this software, to maximize the sound effect in vehicle, which convey a premium image to our customers)”


    CAPSA/BD&S (Business Development and Strategy) – Shuichu YANG