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  • OptimSpeaker ported on Qualcomm Hexagon DSP.


    OptimSpeaker ported on Qualcomm Hexagon DSP.

    ARKAMYS and Qualcomm are working together to complete the OptimSpeaker audio solution to be available on the Hexagon DSP from September 2015.

    In a music listening case, ARKAMYS is proud to announce the reduction of 50 % of the power consumption while enhancing its technical robustness. With this new porting ARKAMYS reduces its ‘Time to market’ for the benefit of its customers. Benefit of this high level audio post processing software – ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker and:

    • Improve the audio quality on your portable device
    • Lift the speakers sound rendering over headphones and speakers
    • Give more spaciousness, more clarity and respect of the original timber of sound of your mobile devices
    • Improve your end-users experience.


    ARKAMYS OptimSpeaker: a 100% package solution made of software + tuning + process!

    Give a particular signature sound to your devices with the ARKAMYS teams! ARKAMYS OptimSpeakers is already embedded in more than 15 million devices.

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