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  • Customer Testimonial – DESAY SV


    Customer Testimonial – DESAY SV

    ARKAMYS offers unique value propositions to DESAY SV and the Chinese market. They have a very special and high value added approach in the domain of software sound enhancement and tuning in the automotive industry. This provides us with an advantage, as we are working with our customers who have chosen ARKAMYS as a credible sound enhancement expert and technology provider. Combined with French creativity, ARKAMYS offers a palette of interesting system solutions. With their customer centric attitude, they perform to their best to provide the solution expected and they are a supplier DESAY SV can rely on.

    ¬†We have chosen ARKAMYS SoundStage and tuning to be included in our next generation of DSP-based radio platform. Their ability to expand to other possible features such as Echo Cancellation make it easier for us to choose the technology provider in this area. We are confident that we will be able to bring benefits to our OEM customers with the excellent support from ARKAMYS.”

    Azmoon Ahmad

    DESAY – General Manager BU Radio & Navigation